Since its outset in the year 2014, the Amritsar Group of Colleges’ Department of Agriculture has evolved considerably. Worth noticing, that AGC’s Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology (ACET) having NAAC Grade ‘A’ and NBA accreditations has attained the UGC autonomous status in the same year i.e. 2014 and shortly has become a hub of education for the students of national and international origin to pursue their higher education in the field of agriculture. Now, which course is available at

Guide for Emerging Engineers by Top Engineering College in India

A Complete guide for Emerging Engineers by Top Engineering College in India Being a Top Engineering College in India, it becomes an obligation for a college to forge ahead of the engineering aspirants with proper career guidance so that they can choose away the right degree in a right engineering college. Here in this article, we will converse about the escalating demand of engineers holding a valid degree in the related field. Preliminarily, we must be familiar with some fundamental needs o

Autonomous College in India - Amritsar College of Engineering & Tech.

In India, we are offered admission into two types of colleges; one is, “Affiliated” while the other is, “Autonomous”. Now, there is uncertainty among the students seeking admission into any of the courses. But here, all the perplexity regarding “Autonomous” will be made clear. So let us know the difference between the two. The first type is affiliated to some other university. For, they have to follow the syllabus prescribed by the university and also the all the terms & conditions, etc. T


Here, you are presented with the 11 most important things that an engineering aspirant must know which will benefit him/her in millions of ways. So, here you go: How the clock works? How an engine is made? What is the functioning of an electronic device? Do these questions arise in your mind? Are you curious enough about getting answers to all your questions related to technology? Congratulations! That’s a good sign. An engineering student must be anxious which helps him/her in learning the tec

AGC NEST 2020: A Gateway to Avail Scholarship worth Rs. 1.5 Lac

Amritsar Group of Colleges (AGC) has lately launched a National level Entrance Scholarship Test naming it as AGC NEST 2020 i.e. National Entrance Scholarship Test. And, this test will be offering the opportunity for the aspirants of any field to get admission in a Best College in India for the session 2020.Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology (ACET); Amritsar Pharmacy College (APC); and recently introduced Amritsar Law College (ALC) are the three feathers of the AGC umbrella. Where Amri

15 Exciting Jobs that a Top MCA College in India Prepares You For

Have you accomplished your MCA degree? Or, are you in the final year of MCA? Whatever your answer would be, the ultimate question that will arise in your mind is, “What to do after MCA? Before proceeding towards the answer, let’s first know what is MCA? MCA is abbreviated for the Master of Computer Applications and usually, it is of 3 years of duration. The degree amplifies one’s knowledge in the field of the computer with an advanced level of learning. The students graduated in BCA or B. Sc. In

9 Reasons - Why doing MBA in a Best College in India is worth it

While there are numerous myths that Master of Business Administration (MBA) is no longer of that much importance, here you will get to know the top 9 reasons that will inspire you to pursue this degree. So, what can you do with an MBA? An MBA will offer you diverse advantages, especially when it's from a Top MBA College in India. Infesting an exalted MBA salary after graduation, attaining a management position, developing a firm professional network, or even becoming your own boss are a few of t

Top 7 Reasons for Choosing Engineering as Career Builder

Why the number of engineering aspirants in India is decreasing rapidly? The reason is they do not know the value of their degree earned. That means the proper guidance is lacking somewhere. But who will guide these newbies? There are promiscuous Top B. Tech Colleges in Punjab that offer engineering degrees in various branches but do they tell you the importance or benefit of choosing so? Well, that is some other matter. We are here with the top reasons that will inspire you towards choosing an e

22 Students of Amritsar Group of Colleges placed in TCS

Amritsar Group of Colleges (formerly Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology, Amritsar) commenced TCS Drive at its campus on August 3rd & 4th, 2019 and after the successful recruitment process, total 22 students of B. Tech CSE (2016-2020 Batch) got hand-picked by TCS. The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a renowned name among the world of Information Technology having its headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The company shortlisted the students on the basis of Aptitude/Technical te

Benefits of Understanding Engineering and Technology

We live in an era where technology is improving at the speed of light. It seems that almost every week there is a new device that will facilitate our professional tasks or a gadget that we will enhance our entertainment experience. If you feel like you are at a crossroads in your life, whether it is because you want to make a drastic career change or are thinking about going back to college, engineering and IT studies might be the best choice for you. Clearly, you have to possess certain prefer

Why You Should Study Engineering

Technology is advancing at an enormous rate, and fields such as engineering are directly benefiting from it. The advances of technology have also made it possible for the engineering community to market themselves as one of the leaders in the technology of the free world. This is one of the reasons as to why students are choosing to study engineering at college. As engineering focuses on “things” and not the person itself, most of the engineering students tend to be male. In this article, we’re